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The president to be selected in political wisdom team of party. The above president also the president of the political versatile team of the party. To manage the following office bearers achievements.

  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Organizing secretary
  • Probe and secretary
  • Treasure
  • Head Quarter’s Secretary

All implement activities of the party norms through the president over all meeting to prepare the plan for party elections state assembly election parliament elections to conduct party conference, seminars and regional meetings.


In the absence of the president the vice president shall be act as president. The vice president gets the equal power of the acting time.

Political wisdom was party elected the state general secretary once in five years. In that period he/she they can do the following works.

  • To conduct EC meetings and general body meeting.
  • To maintain the minutes book of the party
  • To maintain the party records and to implement the above meeting proceedings
  • Against the members suspension and any dismiss order to be issued in the name of the general secretary.
  • Any disciplinary actions of against the members or the office bearers or secretaries of the party the general secretary have full powers to achieve it.
  • To supervise the party and other secretary he can collect the particulars to submit the meetings and party.
  • Any announcement in the party to the name of the general secretary, meeting arrangements, election of panchayat and fix the stage speakers, party decisions and others through the media/press in the name of the general secretary.


  • The secretary will look after the day to day administration of the party to look after affairs of the party.
  • He/she will coordinate and mobilise the party at ward, panchayat, municipals and corporation constituting each assembly levels, and entrust them under the duly formed all secretaries.
  • In order to achieve the objects and aims of the party the organizing secretary will train the legal committees and motivate activities in the respective areas.
  • The organizing secretary will coordinate with the treasurer, and manage the financial affairs of the society, in consultation with the president.
  • In observe of the general secretary, the duties of the general secretary shall be performed by the organizing secretary as nominated by the president.


  • The treasurer shall be maintain the account books, vouchers, receipt book and other connected records as per the ECI Guidelines.
  • He shall issue receipts for the amounts collected from the members and others.
  • He shall maintain all the receipts and payments in chronological in the books of accounts supported by the original receipts and payment vouchers.
  • He shall make payments as per rules and as per directions of the president, the secretary and as resolved by the executive committee, keep the accounts record daily.
  • He shall prepare the statements of annual income and expenditure assets and liabilities, place them for approval of the executive committee at its meetings get them and daily audited and presented before the general body.

The propaganda secretary also collect the full details of the party from organizing secretary should by discharge their duty to the following subjects.

  • To explain the party principals and norms to the peoples.
  • To conduct propaganda of individual level, group level, and mass level.
  • To create the involvement to peoples for enrolls the membership in the party the propaganda secretary to lead the stage speakers.
  • To prepare the pamphlets, posters regarding the party activities and the motivation purpose to conduct the slide shows, film shows, to insist the various types of propagandas in the presence of people.
  • To submit the development result of the party to the general secretary.
  • Any expense to set the general secretary of the party, the propaganda secretary may go to all assembly constitution in the election time.

Weekly seven days opened the office in the presence of the H.Q. secretary.
They can do the membership registration and to entry the incoming letters. To put-up the reply of incoming letters to submit the general secretary of the party. To prepare the official register only for party document purpose to appoint the essential staff with previous permission getting from the general secretary and to put-up note to the general secretary in visitors demand and grievances.

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