All the people are entitled to become member of the party. The right of admission to membership shall vest only with the committee of management of the party No one claim membership as a matter of right. However any aggrieved member may prefer an appeal to the general body. Those who want to become a member shall apply to the party along with evidence for legal status. It will be considered.


  • The members have get voting rights, to attend the meetings and to bring resolutions.
  • The members can elect the secretaries of the committee.
  • A member can give his good ideas and views for the betterment of the party in line with the objects.
  • If any member removed for certain reasons feels aggrieved, be can appeal to the next authority may consider and pass suitable orders.
  • Every member should try to fulfil the object of the party. The members should treat every other member friendly and shall follow the rules and regulations mainly to maintain discipline without prejudice to the party.
  • Those who have not paid subscription fee are no allowed to participate in the meeting of the party and they are not allowed to exercise their voting rights.


Above 18 ages male and female and Thrinangai can enroll their name to the membership of the party. The members may be collecting their membership cards from the next authority.

Membership enrollment on the basics of ward level in village panchayats. Total ward counted in village panchayat level and all over the village panchayat integrate in panchayat union level after the membership enrollment the party known the panchayat union level membership.
In municipal level the membership enrollment only in the ward level completion the enrollment of the wards to complete the entire of wards how will be enrolled in municipal level.
Membership enrollment only in corporation ward level. Total number of wards collected the enrollment list that will total list of corporation.


          Every active admire body like ward, panchayat, Municipal, Corporation and peoples level, the wisdom committee members applying for membership shall pay as fee of Rs.2/- only.


Any eminent personality of high dignity & status whose achievements are unique and who will be a “Role Model” to members of all ages may be invited by the General Body to be a Honorary Member of the Association.

1st stage activities members level
To attend the ward level meeting to be selected by secretary in ward level the secretaries select his next level secretaries of panchayat level and union level, municipal level and corporation level.
The duties of the member to entertain the situation of total polling in area.
To take some classes to the people for the following purpose

  • To display the party functions
  • To display the party principals
  • To display the party organization setup
  • To change the people to the moral level and activities level
  • To attend the party meetings in basic level, panchayat level, union level, municipal level, corporation level and the assembly council level to provide them to reach the party welfare schemes.
  • To take some party function in basic level as they like seminors. National days and other to attend the national functions basic level.
  • To obey the party top level leaders.

The village panchayat ward secretary select a secretary in panchayat level. The panchayat secretary they can be selected in union level secretary in the ward secretaries the village secretaries to attend the union level meeting to discharge their duties to develop the party to act sincerely in the party instruction. The union secretary must attend the state general body members meeting in yearly twice conduct the union level meeting seminars and conference with the permission of the assembly constitution secretary.

The municipal ward secretaries they can select his municipal secretaries. The above secretary acts the general body members in the municipal secretaries’ party. Discharge his duty in municipal level to the direction of assembly constitution secretary. The fully responsible to all type of members in municipal level.

The corporation ward members can be selected the corporation ward secretaries enrolled the membership in that assembly constitution level. The secretary’s involved election in corporation ward level. The above ward secretaries obey to the instruction of assembly secretary the ward secretary’s discharge their duties as follows

  • Enrolled the memberships
  • To conduct the ward level meeting
  • To attend the assembly constituency level meetings conference and seminars.
  • To collect the basics particulars in ward level
  • To convey Government benefits
  • To awareness of the public in Party principles, Party Objects, welfare schemes of the party, and party announcement

To discharge the duties of assembly constitution secretary

  • The secretary act under the control of the party president.
  • To attend the party works in assembly constitution level
  • Welfare scheme
  • Party inner election and all lower elections in assembly constitution level.
  • To conduct the meetings seminars and conference in union level municipal level, corporation level
  • To collect the basic particulars in his area. The above all particulars upload to computer on day to day and any time ready to submit particulars

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